Events Delivered, the specialists in Children’s Wedding Entertainment

‘Events Delivered, the specialists in Children’s Wedding Entertainment, was born out of our activity company that focuses on providing top quality and exciting events for children and young people. Weddings are fantastic times of celebration. The ceremonies contain incredible declarations of love and the receptions are the best parties known to humanity! However, it is sometimes difficult knowing what to do with your children during the reception, and sometimes the whole day!

We saw a need for high quality children’s entertainment that can be specifically tailored around the wedding day. The conversation went something along the lines of, “If only there was company that did what we do, but for weddings…”. I’ll admit, it did take a few seconds for the penny to drop, “Wait, we should adapt our activities to weddings!”. Kids love fun, no matter if it’s a birthday party, a fun day, or a wedding! They are all great celebrations and should have great activities. Thus, Events Delivered, Children’s Wedding Entertainment, was born!

Outdoors, indoors or the combination of both. We are able to adapt our activities to suit whatever need! We have tipis that can be set up, indoors and outdoors, in which we can run activities ranging from crafts, board games and party games; to setting up our cinema experience and watching a film, or plugging in our XboxOne for a gaming experience! The tipis come kitted out with fairy lights, bunting, cushions, blankets and more which provide a comfortable, chill out area where children and young people can relax and enjoy their evening in style! We have larger tipis that can hold up to 15 young people as well as our brand new mini tipis! They are so incredibly cute and a wonderful space for young people!

Sometimes, we have clients wanting something a bit more energetic. Our Nerf, Boom Co, Bubble Football and Archery Tag activities are the answer! At first we questioned why you would want to play Bubble Football at a wedding, but then we saw that people want something a bit different. Teenagers at weddings are difficult. They are a bit too old for colouring in (most of the time!) and still sometimes too young to enjoy the adult entertainment! This is where these activities suit perfectly! While Boom Co and Nerf work from 5+, Bubble Football and Archery Tag are exclusively for the teenagers (and sometimes the adult guests too!). We even run a creche for 3 years and younger to ensure that even the youngest guests have a great time!

Our vision is seeing children and young people having a great time. We want to stop parents having to leave the party to entertain their kids. Don’t worry about having to keep your younger guests entertained, that’s our job!’


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