Kilt Society

Kilt Society™ is a young, dynamic business that aims to do things a little differently. Inspired by Scottish tradition and the unique style of the modern man, we are passionate in our belief that everyone deserves to find their perfect kilt.

The idea for Kilt Society™ began in early 2014 as its co-founders, Fergus and Emma, began planning their wedding. Fergus had been selling kilts since 2004 – starting out as a side project while at university and run from a bedroom in his mum’s house – but was suddenly a kilt customer for the very first time.

Fergus had a kilt outfit in mind, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Every kilt store seemed to be offering the same tired selection. Inspired by his experience, he and Emma teamed up with the idea of creating a kilt store designed for the modern man.

We know weddings and styles are ever changing, so we are constantly updating and improving the Kilt Society™ range to suit the contemporary groom. Our bespoke outfits offer a selection of crafted pieces, made to order by experienced, local tailors using your choice of British woven cloth. Our stylists are on hand to help any groom discover his perfect kilt outfit. We also offer a selection of stylised looks – The Rustic Kilt Outfit, The Tweed Kilt Outfit, The Crawford Trews Outfit, and The Moss Kilt Outfit – as inspiration.





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